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  1. Blueseventy Men's Sprint Wetsuit
    Blueseventy Спринтовый гидрокостюм
    Специальная цена 10 600,00 руб. Обычная цена 11 300,00 руб.
  2. Blueseventy Men's Reaction Wetsuit
    Blueseventy Гидрокостюм Reaction Мужской
    Специальная цена 24 400,00 руб. Обычная цена 30 100,00 руб.
  3. Blueseventy Mens Helix Fullsuit Wetsuit
    Blueseventy мужские Helix Fullsuit Гидрокостюм
    Специальная цена 32 000,00 руб. Обычная цена 32 200,00 руб.

8 Items

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Blueseventy wetsuits are designed for swimming. They're popular amongst triathletes because of the amount of technical features included within the wetsuit. With models to suit all budgets and ability levels, there's something for everyone in our Blue Seventy wetsuit range.

The wetsuits include targeted buoyancy panels to help you to achieve the opitmal body position whilst swimming. The placement of buoyancy panels in the lower body allows even less technical swimmers to achieve a good neutral swimming position. Blueseventy suits are known for being some of the most flexible on the market, providing full freedom of movement without restriction for all your swim strokes.

The lining and seams of blueseventy wetsuits are made for swimmers, they take into account the motions that swimming involves and inlcude design features to minimise any irritation or rubbing that might occur during longer swim sessions in open water.

These men's wetsuits have a range of styles and features for different seasons and activities, helping you improve your open-water swimming while remaining warm, and keeping a full range of movement.